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Dragon age: dawn of the seeker (Release date: February 11, 2012) is a most popular Japanese martial arts action animated movie. This movie was based on the popular video game series dragon age and directed by Fumihiko Sori; it was produced by Funimation Entertainment. In this movie writer place the story before the seekers launch an attack against a group of mages who have kidnapped a young girl, then Seekers successfully rescue the girl and after some time Cassandra discover another mage in the woods, named Regalyan (Galyan), who claims to be unaffiliated with the other mages and is instead a contact of Byron, and plan to take the girl to safe place. The rogue mages then complete their custom and send dragons to attack the divine and other top post Chantry members, Cassandra saving the divine and kill the dragon, at the end, Cassandra is awarded by “Hero of Orlais”, and divine’s new protector.

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