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Double world (Release dates: July 24, 2020) is a martial arts action fantasy move. This movie based on a videogame Zhengtu, produced by Soi Cheang and directed by Teddy Chan. Movie stars are Jiang Luxia, Peter Ho, Lin Chenhan, Henry Lau. In the climax of this movie the Grand Tutor Guan orders the king to be brought to a fighter and tell the truth way he built this game specifically to catch and kill the king. On other said Wu Yang fights Yilong, Chu Hun fights Grand Tutor Guan’s dog. The rest of the army arrive to help the king. The grand master of falcon clan sacrifices himself to rescue the king, and the Yilong kills Grand Tutor Guan. After the death of Guan’s, Chu Hun is awarded the title of Grand Field Marshal.

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